Staging Your Home On A Budget


By: Covington Real Estate 7/9/2019 10:23 a.m.

You don’t have to be a professional to create an atmosphere that appeals to buyers. Cover the five basic steps below to stage your home without spending a fortune.


The first step of staging is always decluttering. Think of your house as a model home. Having a lot of stuff in your house makes it hard for buyers to imagine their own things there. Clear out anything that you don’t need. Pack collectibles, tchotchkes, puzzles, and family photos into boxes and rent space at a local storage center until you sell your house.

Go  Neutral

Your color preferences and decorative tastes won’t match every potential buyer’s, so opt for neutral colors. Neutral colored interiors appeal to buyers because they represent a blank canvas. The fresh paint will also make your home seem fresh and new.

Eliminate Unwanted Smells

What you smell when you enter your home and what a visitor smells can be very different, especially if you have pets. Make sure your home smells clean and fresh before showing. Some steps you can take to ensure your house smells nice include taking out the trash, closing sink and tub drains, and removing pets and litter boxes from the house. Strategically placing air fresheners around the house can help, too.

Let There be Light!

“Natural light” is very popular in real estate. Show off your home’s light to best effect by switching out room darkening curtains for lighter ones, opening blinds, and cleaning your windows so more light can get in during showings. If you’re showing your house at night, the right light bulbs can create a warm, cozy atmosphere. New lampshades can also create a positive change in your home’s light.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Potential buyers form their first impressions before they even put their car in park. Make sure the first impression is positive by making sure your front yard is clean and tidy, the siding is in good condition, and the doorway is well lit and inviting.

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