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By: Covington Real Estate 5/8/2019 12:42 p.m.

“I can do it myself,” I heard coming from the kitchen.  I stuck my head around the corner to investigate what potential disaster would befall my four-year-old.  He was negotiating with his mother, insisting that he was perfectly capable of making his own peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  Was he capable?  Probably.  Was it in the best interest of himself and our family.  Probably not.  There were too many risks involved.  What if he dropped the jelly jar?  What if he fell trying to reach the peanut butter in the upper cabinet?  What if he made a giant mess of the whole thing?  You KNOW who’d be cleaning that up!


It seems a bit trivial when considering a sandwich, but the unnecessary risks of buying or selling real estate without a REALTOR helping you are far more treacherous.  A real estate transaction can be incredibly exciting and rewarding, but without taking necessary precautions, and having an expert looking out for you, it can be incredibly risky. 


Every day, we have the privilege of helping clients to avoid potential disasters.  Disasters that you’d never see coming.  Within the past month, we have helped guide clients through complex issues related to boundary disputes, septic system compliance, home warranties, title claims, appraisal shortfalls, wire fraud, and more.


You want an EXPERT on your side.  Our agents have been in the real estate industry for an average of 16 years and lived in Bell County for an average of 35 years.  We’ve built relationships with other industry professionals who can also help to protect your interest in a real estate transaction.  Our agents are highly educated and stay current on market trends and community updates.  When considering buying or selling real estate in Central Texas, why not let the EXPERTS help you?


We have REALTORS who specialize in buyer representation, seller representation, residential, farm & ranch, commercial, new construction, and the list goes on!  Whatever your need is, let us prove to you that you want us on your side!


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