How To Repair Drywall


By: Covington Real Estate 

Drywall holes may look terrible, but they’re usually pretty easy to fix. If you’ve got small holes you want to repair, you should be able to do it yourself without spending too much money.

Step 1: Sand.

Use coarse sandpaper (approx. 80 grit) to sand around the holes you want to repair. Sand off the edges of the holes until they are flush with the surface of the wall. Finish sanding the holes with finer sandpaper (approx. 220 grit) until the surface of the wall is smooth.

Step 2: Spackle.

Next, fill the holes with spackle using a drywall trowel. Make sure the spackle is pressed into the holes and that each hole is completely covered. Scrape off the excess spackle so only a thin layer of spackle remains. Let dry, then sand with fine-grit sandpaper (approx. 220 grit).

Step 3: Putty.

If the wall isn’t smooth after the first application of spackle, add another coat. Remember to let it dry before sanding it. Repeat this step until the wall is smooth.

Step 4: Prime and paint.

After you’ve leveled out all the holes, you’re ready to paint! Start with a coat of primer over the area you repaired. Let it dry, then paint the repaired area to match the rest of the room.

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