3 Home Features for Families with Young Children
By Covington Real Estate 10/30/19 5:42 p.m.

Safety, convenience, space, and design are all important elements to consider when you start thinking about where you’ll live. Whether you’re custom building your home or looking for one that feels like it was made for you, here are three features you may be interested in if you have young children. 

Open Floor Plans 
It’s not always easy to keep track of young children, even at home. An open floor plan can help. Instead of walled-off spaces, choose open sightlines so you can do what you need to do around your home while keeping track of what your children are up to.  

Room for Toys 
Designating a specific room for the bulk of your children’s toys is a good way to keep the rest of your home organized. A spare bedroom, bonus room, or a finished basement or garage can work well as a playroom. Once the kids are older, the playroom can be converted into a study, office, or home gym. 

A Matter of Safety 
Children are naturally adventurous, and it’s in their nature to explore. Because of this, there’s no such thing as an entirely child-proof home when young children are involved. But there are features you can look for that offer greater peace of mind, such as counters with rounded corners instead of sharp edges. If you’re interested in a multi-story home, check for sturdy railings with narrow gaps between each slat that your child can’t get stuck in or fit between. 

Whether your family members have four paws or two feet, I can help you find a home that will suit your lifestyle. Let’s set some time to discuss your housing needs. In the meantime, let me know if you or someone you know has any questions about buying or selling a home!