3 Clever Small-Kitchen Storage Solutions
By Covington Real Estate 9/19/19 6:59 p.m.

A small kitchen can be convenient; everything is within arm’s reach. However, if the size of your kitchen leaves you wondering where to put all your things, these helpful kitchen storage tips may help.

1. Make use of doors. The back of your pantry or even cabinet doors can give you extra storage space. Door organizers and hanging racks come in all shapes and sizes!
2. No more fake drawers. Why have a piece of wood that just looks like a drawer when you can have the real thing? Check out kits to convert  them into real drawers!
3. Magnetic fridge storage. Buy or create magnetic containers you can attach to your fridge to store anything from writing utensils to spices!

Of course, another way to solve small kitchen storage problems is to upgrade! If you or someone you know is looking for a bigger kitchen, I’m here for you!